Tate Modern, Feb 2017

This is only the second time I have visited the Tate in London, as I’ve only recently acquired an interest in art and the galleries they’re shown in. For me, it’s a calming and relaxing pass time, and although I don’t get to do it as often as I would like (I don’t live particularly close to London, nor are their any galleries in the city where I live), it warms my heart when I do have the opportunity to visit one.

My personal favourite section is the art based upon conflict, politics and society. It’s so interesting to see how different artists interpret our modern world and how they translate their feelings and thoughts into the art that appears on the crisp, white walls.

The exhibition upon arrival was also one of my favourites; my interpretation is that the short film showed the beauty of life and not to take anything for granted because, as corny as it sounds, life is beautiful, whilst demonstrating race and gender diversity. Following the film was an exquisite sequence of bold, flashing neon lights which emphasises the simplicity and positive nature of life and love. Like all art, it’s wonderful until children run up to the screen and begin touching it, ruining the moment.

There’s also a viewing platform on one of the highest floors, which gives a beautiful view of London and its tallest buildings. I’m not usually afraid of heights, but everytime I looked down my stomach did a hundred flips; but it was worth it for the pictures.

All photos taken by myself, iPhone 6.


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