Easy Creme Egg Rocky Road

For Easter this year I decided to make something different than usual, so I opted for the recently popular creme egg rocky road. My recipe is completely vegetarian and contains no raisins (obviously).


140g butter; 180g digestive biscuits; 185g milk chocolate; 185g dark chocolate; 4 teaspoons of golden syrup; 50g mini veggie marshmallows (can be purchased at Holland and Barrett); 2 bags of mini creme eggs


1. Put the mini creme eggs and marshmallows into the freezer to harden them for 2-3 hours (this will be useful when they’re folded into the mixture as they won’t melt).

2. Grease a square 25cm x 25cm baking tray and line it with baking paper.

3. Melt all of the chocolate, all of the butter and all of the golden syrup in a pan and stir… 

… until it’s thick and smooth. 

4.  Break and crush the biscuits until they’re in very small pieces (however not as small as breadcrumbs as the mixture needs to hold together.) 

5. Take one of the bags of creme eggs, cut each egg in half and add to the biscuit crumbs, along with the marshmallows. 

6. Add three-quarters of the melted chocolate mixture to the biscuit mixture…

… and fold until mixed together.

7. Spoon the mixture into the baking tray evenly and pat down with a spoon to make it even. 

8. Pour the remaining chocolate mixture over the rocky road and spread across to cover the surface. 

9. For decoration, add the remaining creme eggs onto the top and firmly press in; I cut them in half and placed them on top in lines so the finished dessert is easy to cut into squares. 

10. Leave in the fridge to set for 4-5 hours…

… and cut into squares and enjoy!


Green Day Revolution Radio Tour Leeds

Seeing as Green Day just finished playing their most recent leg of their Revolution Radio Tour, I thought it’d be nice to reflect on the Europe leg, considering I haven’t posted in a while.

Seeing Green Day had been on my bucket list since they released 2009 hit single ‘Know Your Enemy’ so I was so thrilled to finally be seeing them. So thrilled, that I decided, along with my superfan cousin and dad, to get to the arena at 8am to make sure I got a great position (we had standing tickets and I’m small). I know this may seem very over the top but others had been camping out for a couple of days (quite unnecessary, needless to say) so we definitely weren’t the only ones with high hopes of getting a spot on the barrier.

When it came to the doors being opened, I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the most stressful situations I’ve found myself in and without a doubt the most difficulty I’ve had getting into the venue. Nevertheless, my family and I managed to be on the barrier, just to the left.

Photo by Matthew Levin

Yep, that’s me, a small blob just above the barrier, thankfully with my hands pretty much over my face (waiting in the cold for 11 hours didn’t do my looks justice that day). The support act, The Interrupters, despite their sound troubles, were unexpectedly good, filling the stage with their energy.

Green Day came on at the early time of 8pm; if they came on any later they wouldn’t be done until the early hours of the morning! (Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but a 2 and a half hour setlist is pretty incredible, right?) They burst onto the stage with ‘Know Your Enemy,’ followed by Revolution Radio songs ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Revolution Radio’. The arena completely lit up during ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, and crowd went absolutely wild for ‘Minority’ (many bruises followed.) The trio of course finished with Good Riddance and the red and white confetti sprayed everywhere in the standing area.

All photos above taken by me, iPhone 6.

Tate Modern, Feb 2017

This is only the second time I have visited the Tate in London, as I’ve only recently acquired an interest in art and the galleries they’re shown in. For me, it’s a calming and relaxing pass time, and although I don’t get to do it as often as I would like (I don’t live particularly close to London, nor are their any galleries in the city where I live), it warms my heart when I do have the opportunity to visit one.

My personal favourite section is the art based upon conflict, politics and society. It’s so interesting to see how different artists interpret our modern world and how they translate their feelings and thoughts into the art that appears on the crisp, white walls.

The exhibition upon arrival was also one of my favourites; my interpretation is that the short film showed the beauty of life and not to take anything for granted because, as corny as it sounds, life is beautiful, whilst demonstrating race and gender diversity. Following the film was an exquisite sequence of bold, flashing neon lights which emphasises the simplicity and positive nature of life and love. Like all art, it’s wonderful until children run up to the screen and begin touching it, ruining the moment.

There’s also a viewing platform on one of the highest floors, which gives a beautiful view of London and its tallest buildings. I’m not usually afraid of heights, but everytime I looked down my stomach did a hundred flips; but it was worth it for the pictures.

All photos taken by myself, iPhone 6.

The 1975, The O2 Arena

On the 15th and 16th of December, I travelled to see The 1975 perform their London shows of the final I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It UK tour dates. The boys have been one of my favourite bands for a couple of years now, so by the time December had come around, I was so excited to be able to finally see them. And what an incredible couple of nights it was.

For the first show, I went to the show alone; while to some this may seem daunting, being surrounded by so many but people completely alone, I enjoyed it; watching people at their happiest always makes me happy too.

When Matty Healy, George Daniel, Ross MacDonald and Adam Hann, along with their touring members, walked on stage after the rectangle glowed, it was like London had been hit by a storm; the amount of energy they supply is unbelievable. Their setlist was amazing as usual, including Undo, Milk, fallingforyou and so many other unexpected additions.

Love me


Heart Out



She’s American

Please Be Naked

Somebody Else

If I Believe You

The second night was the first O2 show that the band sold out, which is why, for me, it was the most special show of the two. During fallingforyou, Matty tells everyone to put their phones away, because he believes the memory of being there is better than a video on your phone. And he is totally right; it was a truly magical moment, and to top it off a man proposed to his girlfriend which made it even more special! When they played Loving Someone, they displayed the LGBT lights, and everybody erupted when the song began; I’ve truly never seen anything like it.

A Change of Heart

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it


Loving Someone

Please Be Naked (the lighting was far to beautiful to only show one picture!!)


Somebody Else (again, far too beautiful for only one picture)


These two nights were two of the best gigs I’ve ever been to, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Featured photo by Tony Woolliscroft, all other photos by me.

The 1975 Pop Up Shop, Camden Market

When The 1975 announced there was to be a second pop up shop in London, I was thrilled, seeing as I missed the first one. And it certainly didn’t disappoint; while it may have lacked the boys actually being there and the buzz of it being the first London pop up, it captured exactly what ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ makes you dream of when listening.



The trademark ‘The 1975’ and ‘lostmyhead’ neon signs illuminated the room, complimenting the cosy aesthetic of the beautifully built brick walls. The patches were clearly popular, as when I arrived at around 6pm, the ‘Loving Someone’ LGBT heart shaped designs were all sold out, along with many of the other items of exclusive merchandise.




The pop up shop was a wonderful, inclusive way to celebrate The 1975’s first sold out UK arena tour, including two nights at The o2 Arena on the Thursday before the opening of the shop and the Friday of the opening.

All photos taken by myself, iPhone 6.